Use the Space

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~~~Note: LOL will be closed for renovations July 15 – September 15, 2018~~~


You can rent our space for meetings, rehearsals, performances or to see clients.

Rental rate is $50-$25 / hour sliding-scale based on your/your organization’s annual income.

Fill out the form below or email devi [at] peacockrebellion [dot] org for more info.

If you don’t hear from us within 2 days, email us at the address above to make sure we received your request ❤

  • Having more than 50 people? Get a special event permit at least 30 days before your event; ask us if you need help.


The front door doesn’t have a push-button opening, the loft isn’t for public use, and the back room’s door can be narrow for some wheelchairs. The main room and the restroom are wheelchair accessible.

We use fragrance-free cleaning products and have air purifiers available.

There is usually free street parking on 23rd ave and around the corner on E12th.




Fill out our scheduling form below to get the ball rolling:

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