We’re still here ❤️

Hey love,

We did it. We survived another day.

Survival is everything.

You know the stories: Another day, another community space getting shut down.

If a space you love– or even one you didn’t know existed–is in danger, please keep fighting for them. We need each other to survive.

Yes, we’re scared. Yes, winter is coming. But a friend reminded us that, you know what? So is spring.

Let’s keep fighting. and building. and making.  Let’s keep zones of refuge – spaces where we can connect, create, organize, and fight back!

LOL– a progressive, people of color -led, gender-diverse queer and trans -centered Maker Space for social justice— is leveling up for the days ahead.

We need your help to make some big things happen.

In addition to our:

  • Newly wheelchair-accessible, fat-friendly, zero-VOC restroom

  • New laser engraver and second 3D printer

  • 2 giant whiteboards and cozy living room space

By next week, we’ll have new fire extinguishers, new smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and a new, sustainable, better-insulated, zero-VOC floor!

Since the election, community groups have used LOL for free or very low cost every single day. 

We want to stay open for them and get some exciting Maker programs up and running. We have no grant or corporate funding, so your gift also helps cover ongoing expenses.

an you help sustain our efforts with a one-time or recurring donation?

A gift of $30 covers our gas + electric bill for a month

$50 covers our supplies for a month

$100 covers our water and internet for a month

$250 lets a broke, grassroots community group use our space for a whole weekend

Please give what you can

Looking forward to making, building, and fighting back in 2017!

With love,

Praveen, Jen-Mei, and Devi
Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL) steering committee

PS Your donation is tax-deductible, and helps cover costs for social change makers who urgently need space but can’t afford it. Please donate now

PPS Techie? Check out EFF’s warning and take the Never Again pledge.