What is Liberating Ourselves Locally?

Founded and led by people of color, LOL! — Liberating Ourselves Locally — is an Oakland Maker Space and Hacker Space that works for a future where members of our community can be involved in all aspects of creating things that sustain us, such as food, clothing, energy, technology, shelter, and art.

What is our mission?

We are a local movement whose primary purpose is to serve our communities: people of color, immigrants, poor folks, trans folks, queers, women, youth.

We provide space and resources where community folks can learn, play, experiment, and hone their skills while working on projects that they love and enjoy.

It is our hope that this environment of mutual learning and support will result in greater happiness as people have more control over things they buy, or are able to make thing from scratch themselves. We also offer the opportunity for people to sell their creations to the community to encourage community-based commerce and self-sufficiency.

We intend to preserve and celebrate the beautiful diversity of our communities by ensuring that our leadership reflects the people we serve. We seek to make our primary services available to all regardless of means. At the same time, we realize that in order for the space to be sustainable, it must be both self-sufficient and resilient. As such, we will make decisions that will allow us to continue and expand our programs, and also seek diverse funding so that we are never dependent on a single source to make the space available.

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