Use the Space

make-a-thon-from-stairs horiz

Space Rules:

Many groups share LOL.  If you’re holding an event here, please:

  • Clean up after yourself
  • Don’t leave any food here
  • Remove the trash and recycling and put them in the bins out back
  • For scent-free events, use the black air purifier
  • Pass around the donation jar at whatever event you are holding. LOL is 100% funded by your donations!

The front door doesn’t have a push-button opening and the loft isn’t for public use. Otherwise the space (including restroom) is wheelchair accessible. There is usually free street parking on 23rd ave and around the corner on E12th. We use fragrance-free cleaning products.


You can rent our space for meetings, rehearsals, performances or to see clients.

We ask for a sliding-scale donation of $20-$40 / hour (negotiable) to cover our costs.

Contact us at to get more info.

Fill out our scheduling form below to get the ball rolling:

If you haven’t heard from us within 3 days of filling out the form, please email us at

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