Tonite and Next Week at LOL!

the gangs all here



An acoustic jam session with James of Steel Pony! 6:30pm

LOL Oakland Maker Space will be hosting a meetup/jam session for Acoustic Musicians and singer/songwriters to get together hangout and make some sweet music.
Bring your guitar, ukelele, banjo, cello, tambourine, melodica, accordion or just your voice and come jam with us.
We are asking for a sliding scale donation of $1-$5 to keep the space running and growing but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
All skill levels encouraged and your also welcome to just come and hang out


Wed 7pm
Burners of Color Makeathon

  • Hey Burners of Color! You know who you are!  Have you been on the playa, looked around, and felt a bit lonely being the only darkie at camp?  Looking to meet other awesome burners for future collaborations?

    It’s almost time to go to the playa!  This meetup is a get together for people to hang out, talk about how radical inclusion on the playa can be even more inclusive,  and get last minute co-collaboration help on art projects!  We are still radically inclusive and non POC allies are welcome!

    We are meeting at the new POC-led makerspace in Oakland – Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL).

    Hope to see you there!  There will be cake!

Praveen Hosts.

Friday 7:30pm

The final Film Friday of the Summer. Submit or short and watch this feature with us. Can you guess what it is?


Sat 6pm

Making Marks Returns

Jen leads this dynamic class about the artistic process.

  • Come share time and space with friends and lose yourself in music and art! 20 bucks suggested donation to help keep LOL open and thriving!!

Discussion of Q/POC and woman-identified organizing in Occupy w/ Amber Kelsie

On Monday, Amber Kelise will be hosting a discussion about Q/POC and woman-identified organizing in Occupy.

Link to the event:

More info from Amber:

How do we maintain and demonstrate solidarity with others as we organize across difference? How do we assess different risk levels in our organizing? How do we participate without being co-opted or whitewashed? On Monday we’ll meet @ LOL (1234 23rd ave) to discuss our experiences within occupy. Women, queers, poc and others welcome. Amber Kelsie will be recording people who choose to share their experiences.
-Amber Kelise

Read more about it:

Coming up at LOL (7/21 – 8/2)

clothes swap
the key is to accessorize

News & Events @ LOL Oakland Makerspace
1234 23rd Ave
Oakland, CA
oaklandmakerspace on

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  • LOL Clothes Swap is on! Your donation gets you new shooz and lunch while you help LOL and SOL Throw Down For The Town Saturday, 12-4pm. 7/28 
  • Do you like cords and wires? Did you run the A/V club in high school? Come to Tech Night on Thursday, August 2 from 7 to 9pm. We are putting together donated computer parts and getting the office space ready for computer/hack/coding classes. Bring your old keyboards and usb mice and we’ll put them to work.

More News:

Are you conferencing this summer? Had an amazing maker experience on your roadtrip? Did you discover your DIY roots at the family reunion? Tell us about it!

  • Puck & Jen-Mei attended  APOC in New Orleans this weekend. Praveen went to Hackers on Planet Earth in NYC. Flynn is attending Oakland Digital’s Social Media conference. Send in your travel blogs! We miss you.

The membership drive is still on! Join LOL and click here to learn how. Help us reach our goal of 20 members in July!

Want to know more about what’s going on? Join us at our Next meeting: Tuesday, July 31, at 7:30 p.m.


LOL Membership Drive

LOL Membership Drive

Join LOL Today and support community economics, education and self reliance.

For $5 per month you support LOL’s operating costs and help keep us open and accessible for the queer, POC, striving and driving, building, painting, nerdy, radical, eclectic, feminist, crafting, DIY, hacker, bookworm, yogi,  bike punk gardeners that make our community. (& If i didn’t mention your adjective you should come visit more often!)

All Moved In!

We’re all moved in! With help from Keaton the Wonderpup, we’ve set up the space and moved in all the furniture lovingly donated by Amy and Brian. We are ready to host all the amazing happenings this weekend!

Film Friday (tomorrow @7pm), Screenprinting II (Sat @ 3:30pm) and How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Sun @ 2pm!)
Did you know you can add our calendar to your googlecal? Just add: to your “friend’s calendars” toolbar.

Plus we have two new partners this month in the space: Fresh N’ Dandy Barbershop & Mangos with Chili!

James Mitchell, Amy, Brian, Jen-Mei, Michael, Sathid and Keaton: Thank you so much for your time and your lifting POWER!  – Flynn and LOL

Film Friday @ LOL

How about a different spin on first friday…
We’re screening local short films at LOL this friday night. Bring your short film and we’ll screen it to benefit LOL- Oaklandmakerspace. A $5 suggested contribution is requested. There will be snacks and a feature length movie to follow.

We will be hosting Film Fridays every other week through the summer and we’re looking for more filmmakers to submit work!

Basic carpentry skills workshop

Io at the top of stairs he built for LOL. Also in the photo, from left to right, are some of the other LOL organizers: Sherbeam, Alfonso, Carmen, and Praveen.

Carpenter extraordinaire Io is going to be teaching a carpentry workshop in June! Here’s a short description, plus a wish list for tools. LOL is a community supported space, so donations and bringing equipment/tools to share with the community helps out a lot!

Class description:

Basic carpentry and tool safety with a hands on workshop component.Projects to include portable access ramps, stools, closet organizer solutions, sawhorses, worktables, rock climbing wall.

Class begins the first week of June
Wednesday evenings 6:30-9 pm
Saturday afternoons 1-3:30 pm with the exception of holigays.

All skill levels welcome!

Tool wish list:
eye protectionn (safety glasses)
ear protection (earbuds)
work gloves (atlas)
tool belt
drill bits
comfy boots
cat’s paw
tape measure
speed square
chalk box
hand saw ( i prefer a pull saw)
torpedo level
2′ and 4′ level
driver bits
framing square
15amp electrical extension cords
skill saws
impact wrench
palm or belt sanders

If you have any tools to offer, please contact lol (oaklandmakerspace _at_ gmail _dot_ com).

How to Survive the Zombie* Apocalypse

A workshop by Puck and Jen-Mei. Feel free to RSVP on the Facebook event page.

A lot has been written lately about the zombie apocalypse, and for sure we should be concerned. Although some people think that a zombie invasion is less likely than, say, a devastating earthquake, the truth is that it is at least as likely. After all, if the big one hit CA today, there’s a good chance that it would bring out the zombies* … or at the very least create a situation where zombie defensive training could be put to good use.

After this workshop, you should be able to, based on a perfunctory awareness of crowd control techniques used throughout history (parade planning guidelines, police training manuals, guerrilla warfare texts, and a brief overview and analysis of contemporary riots), anticipate the hasty decisions often made by panicking crowds, the response of the police and other armed forces, and organize quickly in the moment to assist the injured, evacuate or defend especially vulnerable populations, preempt harm and the seizure of control from power-hungry opportunists of all stripes. Or at least be further along on the path to be able to do so**.

We will also answer questions such as:

  • What do we do if the zombies are organized and armed (we hear that tear gas, batons, and riot shields are popular among the zombie set these days)?
  • How do we tell when zombies are just hanging around and when they are getting ready to strike?
  • How do we make sure that all members of our community are accounted for?
  • How do we alert each other as things change?

This workshop is kid-friendly, and people of all ability levels are encouraged to attend and will be supported in our activities.

*Also applies to imperialist extra-terrestrials, minute-men, roving bands of manarchists, maurading macktivists and other dangerous invaders.

**This is the first time we’re doing this workshop, and so this is a learning process for us, too. We’ll have a couple workshops in the Bay Area before taking this show on the road to the APOC Convergence.

Photo by Michael R Perry