We’re still here ❤️

Hey love,

We did it. We survived another day.

Survival is everything.

You know the stories: Another day, another community space getting shut down.

If a space you love– or even one you didn’t know existed–is in danger, please keep fighting for them. We need each other to survive.

Yes, we’re scared. Yes, winter is coming. But a friend reminded us that, you know what? So is spring.

Let’s keep fighting. and building. and making.  Let’s keep zones of refuge – spaces where we can connect, create, organize, and fight back!

LOL– a progressive, people of color -led, gender-diverse queer and trans -centered Maker Space for social justice— is leveling up for the days ahead.

We need your help to make some big things happen.

In addition to our:

  • Newly wheelchair-accessible, fat-friendly, zero-VOC restroom

  • New laser engraver and second 3D printer

  • 2 giant whiteboards and cozy living room space

By next week, we’ll have new fire extinguishers, new smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and a new, sustainable, better-insulated, zero-VOC floor!

Since the election, community groups have used LOL for free or very low cost every single day. 

We want to stay open for them and get some exciting Maker programs up and running. We have no grant or corporate funding, so your gift also helps cover ongoing expenses.

an you help sustain our efforts with a one-time or recurring donation?

A gift of $30 covers our gas + electric bill for a month

$50 covers our supplies for a month

$100 covers our water and internet for a month

$250 lets a broke, grassroots community group use our space for a whole weekend

Please give what you can

Looking forward to making, building, and fighting back in 2017!

With love,

Praveen, Jen-Mei, and Devi
Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL) steering committee

PS Your donation is tax-deductible, and helps cover costs for social change makers who urgently need space but can’t afford it. Please donate now

PPS Techie? Check out EFF’s warning and take the Never Again pledge.

LOL 2.0: A MakerSpace makeover

Hey love! It’s been a minute. Miss you ❤

Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL) is getting a reboot. Back in February, Peacock Rebellion – the fab QTPOC arts org. Among other things, they’re known for producing Brouhaha, which the East Bay Express recently named “̌Most Historic Event” in their Best of the East Bay. Since we’ve moved in together, we have been proceeding in a close collaboration. We’re not sure where the future will ultimately bring us, but we have some major changes to unveil in the short-term.

To support expanded programming, we shut down the space in October for renovations.


Look for a new, wheelchair-accessible, fat-friendly restroom and other changes when we re-open next weekend for Peacock Rebellion’s STAY Festival (see below for more details).

We are collaborating with Peacock Rebellion on a shared future. We’re going to spend the next few months figuring out what this means. We assure you, though, that however we change, these will be true:

  • We’re a queer and trans people of color -led, and gender-diverse maker space for social justice.
  • The space is available to POC community groups for free / by donation. Have a meeting? Want to organize a workshop or skillshare? Need a performance space or a practice area? Please fill out the intake form so we can get the deets. You can also email us at oaklandmakerspace@gmail.com if you have questions.

Accessible spaces for people of color to come create are disappearing in Oakland, but we want to stay open. We are working on major funding, but in the meantime could really use help to keep the doors open while we figure out our long-term plans.

Please make a tax-deductible donation (one-time or monthly) to protect this precious resource.
Monthly donations are especially helpful:
$10/month helps fund our free Maker Nights
$20/month pays our electric bill; help keep the lights on.

Get a sneak peek at the new LOL at Peacock Rebellion’s STAY: An Oakland QTPOC Resilience Festival, November 5-6.

LOL is co-presenting this free festival with Peacock Rebellion, a QTPOC [queer and trans people of color] arts group for healing and social justice.

STAY even has a Cultural Resistance Design Lab w/ social justice games to play + design!!

Help keep LOL open and growing for our art + tech + healing social justice community.
Donate now!

Want to help shape the new LOL? Join our fundraising team!
Email us for info.


Make Everything Day! Update: Postponed

Update: We’re postponing Make Everything Day. We want to have the best event possible, and we just haven’t had enough time to organize an awesome event. But our regular events are still going on (Hack Night on Mondays, including this 11/24; Craft Night on Thursdays except this week on 11/27).

11/28/14,  12-5pm

LOL – Oakland Makerspace

1234 23rd ave.

make-a-thon-from-stairs horiz 470w

The day after the big T day can be known as Black Friday at the big box stores but we encourage you to think about it more creatively. Come to LOL-Oakland Makerspace and make everything!

We’ll have craft, cooking and other fun projects that you can participate in. Plus, maker members that use our space can sell their crafts at the vendor table. There’s even a station to make funky gift wrap for your handmade presents. It’s a becoming a great tradition at LOL and we think you’ll love it.

If you would like to teach an activity or bring some wares for the vendor table please fill out the form below.

Indiegogo campaign ends on Wednesday!

We’re in the last few days of the LOL Indiegogo campaign, and are hoping to finish strong. Thanks to our absolutely wonderful supporters, we have already raised enough money to pay for basic operating expenses for about half of 2015. We are hoping to be able to extend that so we can expand our hours and give access to more people.

We originally started this space because we couldn’t find any hacker or maker spaces where we could look around and see other people like us. At the time, most spaces came out of hacker culture, and, like tech in general, most spaces were dominated by straight cis white (and sometimes Asian) men. Things have gotten better since then, especially for women — Mothership Hackermoms opened around the same time we did, and feminist hacker space Double Union opened last year, and Sudoroom in Oakland has made a concerted effort to be inclusive — but we are still the only space where you can go to any event and mostly see people of color (also more than half of our members are women, and a significant number are queer and trans folks).

Please consider supporting us by:

  • Contributing to our campaign on Indiegogo!
  • Sharing our campaign w/ friends and people who share our vision!
  • Liking the LOL Facebook page — it’s where we post most updates the most frequently, and liking the page means you will occasionally see our posts (if Facebook decides that’s okay; they will guarantee it, though, if we pay them; funny how that works)

Thanks so much!

Saying goodbye to Eno

Eno, one of our members, passed away recently. She was a participant in our Hack Nights and also a coordinator for the BAAITS Beading and Regalia Making nights. She’ll be dearly missed.

There will be a farewell ceremony for Eno on Sunday (8/31) at 5 p.m. Come by if you knew her and want to share with others she touched.