Snakes, Lions, Makers, and Hot Pots!


Please join us for our Anniversary/New Year’s party! Link is to Facebook, but the whole text of the invite is here:

Please join us on Sunday to welcome in the Year of the Snake! We are starting the festivities at 3 PM.

It’s our anniversary, and we want to celebrate together with you our community of makers and activists. We’ll remember great events from our first year and tell you about our news for 2013. Join our teachers, volunteers, board members and community members for an evening of fun and food. There is a rumor that Comrade Lover will make an appearance or two. We may even teach you to lion dance before the event is over.

1234 23rd Ave. (between International Blvd. and E 12th. St.)
Oakland, CA 94606
Bring food to share or $5 suggested donation for LOL . No one turned away.

We will have vegan and gluten-free options at the event. If you bring something for hot pot, please make sure to label the ingredients; we just want to make sure that everyone’s dietary restrictions are met.


Save the date: New Year’s and 1st year celebration on Feb. 10!


We’re celebrating a full year of having opened our doors on February 10. This is a big milestone for the first people-of-color led maker space in the country! It’s also the first day of the Year of the Snake! We will hold an open house where you can meet organizers, teachers, and makers, plus we will have scrumptious food! Event will start around 3 p.m. (we’ll be making food a little earlier — if you want to join us, please let us know!). We’ll post more details soon.

Also, we’re planning a follow-on to our successful Winter Creations Make-A-Thon soon, too. Please contact us if you’re interested in being involved in organizing, teaching, or just want to find out more!

Now accepting tax-deductible donations!

school factory logo

We are now fiscally sponsored by School Factory! You can now click on the Support Us! link above (or here!) to make a donation to us through School Factory. This was just setup, so there might still be kinks in the system, but in theory this should go through smoothly and you should receive a tax-deductible note soon.

Winter Creations Make-A-Thon Dec. 15 12-4p!


If holiday shopping has got you down, our holiday making party is the cure for what ails you!

The Make-A-Thon is an event for DIY gift making.
We will have several stations set up where volunteer teachers can help you make something cool and unique. 🙂

Stations include:
Recycled Bike Part Jewelry with The Bikery
Leaf Art
Sticker and Card Making
Sewing circle scarves
And More!

Please get in touch if you would like to run a station!
This event is family friendly, all ages, donations appreciated!

There will also be giftwrapping at the door with Flynn May ♥

Saturday, December 15, 2012
12 noon to 4 pm
1234 23rd Ave., Oakland, CA

Discussion of Q/POC and woman-identified organizing in Occupy w/ Amber Kelsie

On Monday, Amber Kelise will be hosting a discussion about Q/POC and woman-identified organizing in Occupy.

Link to the event:

More info from Amber:

How do we maintain and demonstrate solidarity with others as we organize across difference? How do we assess different risk levels in our organizing? How do we participate without being co-opted or whitewashed? On Monday we’ll meet @ LOL (1234 23rd ave) to discuss our experiences within occupy. Women, queers, poc and others welcome. Amber Kelsie will be recording people who choose to share their experiences.
-Amber Kelise

Read more about it:

Basic carpentry skills workshop

Io at the top of stairs he built for LOL. Also in the photo, from left to right, are some of the other LOL organizers: Sherbeam, Alfonso, Carmen, and Praveen.

Carpenter extraordinaire Io is going to be teaching a carpentry workshop in June! Here’s a short description, plus a wish list for tools. LOL is a community supported space, so donations and bringing equipment/tools to share with the community helps out a lot!

Class description:

Basic carpentry and tool safety with a hands on workshop component.Projects to include portable access ramps, stools, closet organizer solutions, sawhorses, worktables, rock climbing wall.

Class begins the first week of June
Wednesday evenings 6:30-9 pm
Saturday afternoons 1-3:30 pm with the exception of holigays.

All skill levels welcome!

Tool wish list:
eye protectionn (safety glasses)
ear protection (earbuds)
work gloves (atlas)
tool belt
drill bits
comfy boots
cat’s paw
tape measure
speed square
chalk box
hand saw ( i prefer a pull saw)
torpedo level
2′ and 4′ level
driver bits
framing square
15amp electrical extension cords
skill saws
impact wrench
palm or belt sanders

If you have any tools to offer, please contact lol (oaklandmakerspace _at_ gmail _dot_ com).

How to Survive the Zombie* Apocalypse

A workshop by Puck and Jen-Mei. Feel free to RSVP on the Facebook event page.

A lot has been written lately about the zombie apocalypse, and for sure we should be concerned. Although some people think that a zombie invasion is less likely than, say, a devastating earthquake, the truth is that it is at least as likely. After all, if the big one hit CA today, there’s a good chance that it would bring out the zombies* … or at the very least create a situation where zombie defensive training could be put to good use.

After this workshop, you should be able to, based on a perfunctory awareness of crowd control techniques used throughout history (parade planning guidelines, police training manuals, guerrilla warfare texts, and a brief overview and analysis of contemporary riots), anticipate the hasty decisions often made by panicking crowds, the response of the police and other armed forces, and organize quickly in the moment to assist the injured, evacuate or defend especially vulnerable populations, preempt harm and the seizure of control from power-hungry opportunists of all stripes. Or at least be further along on the path to be able to do so**.

We will also answer questions such as:

  • What do we do if the zombies are organized and armed (we hear that tear gas, batons, and riot shields are popular among the zombie set these days)?
  • How do we tell when zombies are just hanging around and when they are getting ready to strike?
  • How do we make sure that all members of our community are accounted for?
  • How do we alert each other as things change?

This workshop is kid-friendly, and people of all ability levels are encouraged to attend and will be supported in our activities.

*Also applies to imperialist extra-terrestrials, minute-men, roving bands of manarchists, maurading macktivists and other dangerous invaders.

**This is the first time we’re doing this workshop, and so this is a learning process for us, too. We’ll have a couple workshops in the Bay Area before taking this show on the road to the APOC Convergence.

Photo by Michael R Perry

Help build a float for Decolonize Oakland!

From Io, who’s organizing this event:

The May 1st Oakland Regional March for Dignity and Resistance is swiftly approaching and Decolonize Oakland is deep in preparation for a large and powerful MayDay!

We are holding a sign/banner/float making extravaganza Saturday, April 28th, starting at 11:30am!
Float making will continue all day and into sunday.

We hope to create art for the march that focuses on anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and anti-colonialist messaging to go along with our kick-ass Decolonial contingent.

Please stop by Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL) located at 1234 23rd Ave. (@International blvd) and partake in the festivities. If you have questions, please post a message on our Facebook page or email oaklandmakerspace @ gmail.

Bring supplies for sign making, decorating paper mache and snacks!

Also, if you have access to bamboo, newspaper, and old bike tubes, please let us know and we can arrange to pick them up ahead of time.

see you soon!

Photo by dignidadrebelde

Followup from pre-launch brunch

Thanks to everyone who came out to the pre-launch brunch event! It was amazing to see the support. There are more photos up on our Facebook page.

Tonight, we sentout a letter to people who were able to attend the event in person. For those of you who weren’t able to come and meet us, here’s a copy of the email. We hope you get to come by and visit soon!

We also sent out emails to each interest group. Once they get organized and we get a schedule, we’ll post the calendar for all to see. In the meantime, feel free to bring up new topics or express interest in joining a topic here or on Facebook.

Thanks so much for coming to our Oakland Maker Space pre-launch event! So much good energy and so many great ideas from so many wonderful people. We just secured insurance for the place, and are ready to get things up and running!

Again, this community project takes all of us. Let us know how much you want to get involved, and which email lists you’d like to be on:

1) Event Announcements/Calendar (monthly)- You will only get emails about once a month with an overview of coming the month’s events.

2) Interest Group Planning (depends on your group)- You will receive a separate email that shares email addresses of others that share the same interest as you. It’s up to from there! Dream, coordinate, and get together to create!

3) LOL Space Planning (few times a week)- We would love your help in getting the general space set up with furniture, and working out some of our general logistics.

Interest Groups:
Drawing Night
Sewing & Crafts
Stained Glass

Mac/PC clinic
Interactive Art (arduino, maxmsp, vjing, djing, performance)

Fermentation & Brews
Gluten Free living/cooking
Cooking (simplified)

Action & Horizontal Organizing
Youth/Community outreach

Healing Arts
Games From People’s Cultures
Resume help/biz dev
DIY Chemistry (how to make penicillin)
Construction related skills (carpentry, electrical, architectural, tool safety, etc.)
Reading/Study groups: (web design, das kapital, the history of debt, queer theory) Direct

We already have these things available (but need to get it all set up).
Computers: 1 Macbook Pro, 1 iMac, 2 Desktop Computers
Misc. computer equipment (cables, routers, surge protectors, hard drives)
Hand, hack saw
Sewing machines (2)
Pots, pans, random cooking stuff
Digital video camera (tape), 1080p
Shotgun mic
Art materials

Wishlist: If you are able to donate anything, please contact us directly =)
More computers, sewing machines, etc.!
Also … we will be doing a fundraising campaign soon. One thing we’re looking at is crowdfunding (a la Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or similar), and would like to offer gifts for people donating. If you have something that you’d like to donate to this effort, please email us back! This can be anything you make, teach, etc. (e.g. shirts that are made, admittance to a workshop, etc.).

This email (oaklandmakerspace at gmail dot com) is our general inbox, which you can use to get in touch with us. We might not answer right away, but we’ll be checking it regularly. Looking forward to creating this wonderful space with you!

We’re getting ready to launch!

lol under construction
Io, Sherbeam, Alfonso, Carmen, and Praveen pose near the new stairs to the loft that Io just built.

Hi there! So happy to see you! We’re a new people of color-led, gender-balanced maker space that’s about to open up in East Oakland. The maker movement is amazing.

People are making more things from scratch, learning new and lost arts, and having fun. Some are even finding their way to financial liberty through their passions. This is so great and wonderful! Unfortunately, the movement isn’t as diverse as it could be. Which is why we’ve worked so hard to open up this new space!

We really want to take on the challenge of increasing participation of our communities head on. We envision a vibrant space where you can expect to see people of color, immigrants, poor folks, women, youth, transfolks, and queers teaching, learning, and making all kinds of cool things. We also hope to be a force in increasing participation of our communities in STEM fields and startups (of all kinds — micro, macro, non-profit, for-profit, etc.).

That’s the future (hopefully the very near future!). Today, though, what we have is an unfurnished space (as you can see from the photo), a few committed volunteers, and a big dream. Our first big event will be a community brunch on Feb. 12. This will be a chance to tell people about our dream and also to hear ideas from the community and learn how people are interested in using the space. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and/or subscribe to this blog for updates.

So excited!