Activist security drop-in sessions and more at Monday Hack Nights

Have you stopped by an LOL Hack Night recently? Over the past many months we’ve been reinvigorating our weekly Monday hack nights with consistent hosting, higher attendance and more consistent collaboration; if you haven’t been to LOL in a while, consider dropping by on a Monday night from 7:30-9:30pm to check it out!

We’re especially excited to be spinning up a new component of Hack Nights: activist security drop-ins! We’ve heard many requests from fellow activists and organizers for advice and help with a wide variety of digital security and privacy concerns. We’re hoping to have at least one person at every Hack Night who will do their best to answer questions, identify solutions, and help people get set up with tools and practices that will help them do their movement work in more secure ways. If you’ve got questions about how to engage in activism more securely or need help getting the right tools set up, come on in–we’ll do our best to help you out!

As part of this, we’re planning to have a mini PGP key signing party on Monday, February 22. PGP encryption is most handy when you’re using it as part of a network of connected folks; key signing is one way to create a “web of trust” that you can use to communicate more securely. If you’ve already got PGP keys set up, come by to sign other people’s keys and get signatures for your own. If you’re just starting with PGP or are curious about how it works and why you’d use it, check out this awesome Email Self Defense guide from the Free Software Foundation and either swing by with your freshly created keys or come in for help getting started.

Hope to see you in the space soon!