Indiegogo campaign ends on Wednesday!

We’re in the last few days of the LOL Indiegogo campaign, and are hoping to finish strong. Thanks to our absolutely wonderful supporters, we have already raised enough money to pay for basic operating expenses for about half of 2015. We are hoping to be able to extend that so we can expand our hours and give access to more people.

We originally started this space because we couldn’t find any hacker or maker spaces where we could look around and see other people like us. At the time, most spaces came out of hacker culture, and, like tech in general, most spaces were dominated by straight cis white (and sometimes Asian) men. Things have gotten better since then, especially for women — Mothership Hackermoms opened around the same time we did, and feminist hacker space Double Union opened last year, and Sudoroom in Oakland has made a concerted effort to be inclusive — but we are still the only space where you can go to any event and mostly see people of color (also more than half of our members are women, and a significant number are queer and trans folks).

Please consider supporting us by:

  • Contributing to our campaign on Indiegogo!
  • Sharing our campaign w/ friends and people who share our vision!
  • Liking the LOL Facebook page — it’s where we post most updates the most frequently, and liking the page means you will occasionally see our posts (if Facebook decides that’s okay; they will guarantee it, though, if we pay them; funny how that works)

Thanks so much!